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Grow Local Tempe

Urban agriculture can offer a multitude of benefits including nutrition security, community cohesion, economic prosperity, environmental health, ecosystems services, and cultural sustainability. For Tempe specifically, integrating urban agriculture into the city’s landscape presents an innovative and powerful approach to address numerous community challenges. Presented as an active record of the community’s engaging spirit, preferences, and concerns, this report charts a path forward to continue Tempe and the community’s efforts towards a vibrant and flourishing urban agriculture landscape.

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Immersive graduate programs

The MS in sustainable food systems and the Graduate Certificate in food policy and sustainability leadership are offered through ASU Online to ensure accessibility for students in various geographies. However, these programs include two in-person components that provide invaluable real-world experiences. In the first fall semester, students spend a week immersed in Arizona’s food system, learning directly from farmers, ranchers, and food processors. In the following spring semester, students travel to Washington, D.C. for another week of hands-on learning. There, they gain exclusive insights into food policy, network with key policymakers, and develop the skills needed to drive impactful change.

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