SOS 321: Spring 2016

Spring 2016

SOS 321 was an undergraduate level course offered in Spring 2016 by the School of Sustainability. Michael Schoon taught and designed the course. Municipal clients presented problems to students who provided research and solutions. The final presentations and reports can be found below.

City of Goodyear: Water Conservation and Incentives

Best practices development guide

Presentation and policy brief by Alex Bird, Leah Castle, Eryck Garcia, Yann Raymond, and ZoĆ« Stein

Water conservation Pilot program

Presentation and policy brief by by Nick Marzec, Shantel Wyke, Sam Battaglini, Grady Douglas, and Chris Hopman

CHOICE- development pilot program

Presentation and policy brief by Esther Wininger, Daniella Panfil, Brett Bauer, John Pickwoad, and Wesley Miller

Rio Verde Community: Water Supply Solutions

Recycling Metrics

Presentation and policy brief by Ilianna Chavez, Hailey Davis, Jose Lopez III, John Owsley and Rachel Robinson

Rio Verde: Water Supply

Presentation and policy brief by Krista Lawless, Shawn Berry, Ben Oaks, and Jessica Davidson


Presentation and policy brief by Channing Schoneberger, Hailey Baker, Jessie Davidson,and Tammie Garrett

City of Surprise: Recycling Contamination, Education, and Solutions

Barriers and Opportunities form Multifamily Dwelling Recycling min the City of Scottsdale

Presentation and policy briefs by Gina Damato, Alex Baxter, Stephanie Hoyt, and Jeremy Robertson

City of Surprise: Recycling

Presentation and policy briefs by Caroline Cloud, Minsun Lee, Chris Landram, and Jacqui Dailey

Surprise Policy Proposal

Presentation and policy briefs by Chris Frettoloso, Ashley Guelian, Emily Tucker, and David Madson