SOS 321: Spring 2015

Spring 2015

SOS 321: Policy and Governance in Sustainable Systems was an undergraduate level course offered in Spring 2015 by the School of Sustainability. Michael Schoon taught and designed the course. Municipal clients presented problems to students who provided research and solutions. The final presentations can be found below. Two presentations were given at the School of Sustainability Open House: Engaging With Cities Luncheon, with the videos for those presentations below.

City of Avondale: Farmer’s Market

 Avondale community farmers market 

Presentation by Julia Colbert, Maria Eller, Kirsten Martin, Evan Siegel, Christina Young

 Avondale community farmers market

Presentation by Kaelyn Polick-Kirkpatrick, Mary Munoz Encinas, Jared Greenberg and Fernando Diaz

Arizona State Forestry Service: Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry: Edible Trees

Presentation by Andrew Abrams, Bree Combs, Alex Medina, and Branden Yocom

Town of Gilbert: Water Conservation

Water Wise: Gilbert

Presentation by Bridget Harding, Erin Rugland, Caleb Schrank, and Adam Zogut

Gilbert water conservation

Presentation by Luke Gilbert, Paulina Vu, Coee, and Taylor Caldwell

Town of Queen Creek: Green Waste

 Queen Creek Green Waste Program Analysis 

Presentation by Annika Andersen, Haley Downing, and Taylor Scarpelli

 Town of Queen Creek Green Waste Removal

Presentation by Kyle Corona, Bill Boucher, Timothy Belda, Eric West