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What is a HeatReady School?

We define HeatReady Schools as those that are increasingly able to identify, prepare for, mitigate, track and respond to the negative impacts of schoolground heat.

Schools are hubs for their surrounding community, connecting parents, teachers, children and families. The heat conditions at schools, as well as their preparedness and policies for managing extreme heat, impact multiple aspects of the community. However, minimal attention has been paid to formalizing school heat preparedness, ensuring their ability to mitigate the effects of high temperatures on the health and education of students. Since commencing in 2017, this project has sought to improve the safety and protection measures for children exposed to extreme heat during the school day by understanding the important factors for becoming a HeatReady School. We are improving our understanding of how people perceive and react to heat emergencies, as well as what actions are taken at the school level to mitigate their effects.

Our thirty final recommendations based on Five action areas (training, prevention, school policy, community and environment) are providing important “HeatReady” actions that can be applied or adapted for various school contexts and/or climate regions. During all seasons of the year, HeatReadyPHX coordinates programs and policies to help lower urban temperatures and protect public health. It also tracks trends, collects data and collaborates with other governments and organizations to share ideas and solutions when it comes to dealing with heat (City of Phoenix).

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Our work with schools helps increase education and awareness around heat-related challenges, while also building heat resilience in the surrounding communities. Connect with us to stay up-to-date on our latest accomplishments.