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The HeatReady™ Program project was born out of the desire to protect those most vulnerable to extreme heat. The program goes beyond merely reducing heat––it emphasizes preparedness, detailed tracking and impactful response to protect human health from the dangers of heat.

Extreme heat is one of the deadliest and most inequitable consequences of climate change. Communities globally need to enhance their capacities to prepare for and respond to extreme heat. Investing in developing HeatReady programs is an essential step in taking meaningful action toward heat-health resilience and equity. 

In HeatReady, we focus on processes and strategies that are community-specific, leveraging a network of experts across heat and health as well as local knowledge and experiences. The HeatReady program began within the City of Phoenix, which now has HeatReadyPHX, run by the nation’s first publicly funded Director of Heat Response and Mitigation David Hondula. HeatReady Schools also began in Phoenix in 2021 and has since expanded to over 35 schools across the valley. The HeatReady Neighborhoods program was developed with residents across the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  Together, we are continually expanding the HeatReady program to more communities in Arizona and across the country!

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