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HeatReady Cities

What is a HeatReady City?

We define HeatReady Cities as those that are increasingly able to identify, prepare for, mitigate, track and respond to the negative impacts of heat.

Phoenix’s Office of Heat Response and Mitigation (OHRM or HeatReadyPHX) is leading the efforts of the hottest large city in the United States to fight the growing hazard of urban heat. ​OHRM focuses on both heat response (helping people cope with hot weather) and heat mitigation (cooling the city and making it more comfortable).

During all seasons of the year, HeatReadyPHX coordinates programs and policies to help lower urban temperatures and protect public health. It also tracks trends, collects data, and collaborates with other governments and organizations to share ideas and solutions when it comes to dealing with heat (City of Phoenix).

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Our work with cities helps build resilience in local communities facing the impacts of high heat. Connect with us to stay up-to-date on our latest accomplishments.