2024 Active research projects

Vanos Lab: HeatSuite Phoenix 2024

Decoding the Individual Heat Experience: Assessing Personal Heat Exposure, Adaptive Responses, and Non-Life-Threatening Health Outcomes

This research aims to better understand heat exposure, response, and adaptation at an individual level in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Given that older people and/or those living in certain types of homes are also more vulnerable, there is a significant benefit in comprehending these fundamental differences better.

Participants who have reliable access to shelter and are over 45 years old will receive small weather sensors — one for their home and another wearable version — and a smartwatch to collect data on indoor and outdoor temperatures, participant heart rate and skin temperature. The data collected also includes surveys and self-report smartwatch questionnaires. Participants simply go about their days as usual, accompanied by their smartwatch and small weather sensors.

This survey will help identify individuals who meet the eligibility criteria and are willing to participate in further research activities.

Access the pre-screening survey here.

Recess & Heat in AZ Schools

Join our team from ASU’s College of Health Solutions, School of Sustainability, and Design School to support elementary schools to make informed decisions about recess in times of high heat.

Our goals are to learn about what matters most to school administrators when it comes to recess and heat, gather information about students’ movement and environmental conditions on schoolyards during recess when it’s hot, and co-develop guidance to support schools to offer recess during times of high heat.

Results will be shared with schools and our partners at the Arizona Department of Health Services to improve decision-making and inform guidelines.

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HeatReady™ Schools Feedback Survey

New to HeatReady Schools? Are you a long-time HeatReady Champion? Would you like to know more about the program? Let us know!
Share your thoughts about how we’re doing, which recommendations have been most (or least!) helpful, and what you’d like to see offered through this program.

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