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Students wishing to enroll in the undergraduate certificate must have a GPA of 3.0 and an expressed interest in biomimicry as it relates to their current major. Please review required courses and program information, and then set up a meeting with the biomimicry center advisor to create a plan of study and complete required paperwork:

Students from ANY major are welcome to enroll in the biomimicry certificate! The program is designed to work in parallel with all programs at ASU. Students are required to take the core courses that are biomimicry-specific (SOS110, BMY230, BMY302, BMY304), while the elective and capstone course will be in your major. For this program, you will apply a biomimicry lens throughout your studies in conjunction with your field of interest. The goal of the certificate is to be applicable to students from every discipline who are interested in applying biomimicry to their current interests. That said, the most common majors are architecture and design, engineering, biology, business, health, sustainability, interdisciplinary studies and communications.

You may take any upper-division elective in your major that is biomimicry-related. A good way to check that courses integrate biomimicry is to confirm with the faculty instructor. Most Biomimicry Center affiliate faculty instruct courses in their department that incorporate biomimicry. Students must meet with the biomimicry certificate advisor to approve their elective course selection.

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While it depends on the student and workload of your current major, the average amount of time to complete the undergraduate certificate is two years. Students will need to complete SOS110 before taking the core courses, and also complete the elective and capstone with a biomimicry focus, usually in the last year of university. Not all core courses are offered every semester, so meet with the biomimicry advising team to create a plan of study as early as possible.

All three-credit core courses and electives require approximately 135 hours of work per semester. SOS110 and BMY230 are introductory courses that are the prerequisites for all other core courses (BMY302, BMY304 BMY430). The two upper division biomimicry courses (BMY302, BMY304), as well as the required elective and capstone are intended to be cumulative classes building on the core classes, and thus require more time commitment. Please expect to spend at least 10-15 hours each week preparing for and actively participating in each course.

Yes! The Biomimicry Center has over 47 affiliate faculty from across campus that are conducting research in their field related to biomimicry.

You can learn more about each faculty and contact them directly to inquire about open positions.

The undergraduate certificate is on the Tempe campus, and focuses on a broader entry-level understanding of biomimicry with the goal of exploring specific applications within one’s major. The undergraduate certificate aims to begin to integrate nature-based methodology into student’s field, whereas the graduate certificate builds on this and gives professionals tools to practice biomimicry in their careers. Additionally, the undergraduate certificate aims to have students embed biomimicry into their studies through related electives and the capstone. Students who complete the undergraduate certificate will be well prepared to apply to either the biomimicry graduate certificate or master’s program at ASU.

You may email with any questions you may have about the certificate, or to set up an appointment for an in-person advising meeting.

The schedule for all biomimicry core classes will be posted yearly and updated as needed. Not all core courses will be offered every semester, so make sure to set up an appointment with the biomimicry advising team to create a plan of study as soon as you decide to pursue the certificate.

Please check the course locations when your enroll as the classrooms will change each semester.

Students who complete the certificate will be enabled to integrate biomimicry principles and tools into their prospective career, develop a deeper understanding of nature and sustainability and serve as leaders in the emerging network of biomimicry researchers and practitioners. The certificate program is designed to prepare students to bring biomimicry to their discipline and career path upon graduation, thereby enhancing skills and increasing employment opportunities. This program will give students tools in which to apply biomimicry to their own field, while additionally making the student a more competitive candidate in the job market.

If students wish to pursue biomimicry at a graduate level, the undergraduate certificate is excellent preparation for the biomimicry master’s or certificate offered at ASU.