The Biomimicry Center

A joint effort between ASU and Biomimicry 3.8 that facilitates biomimicry education and research activities.

The Biomimicry Center (TBC) in the School for Complex Adaptive Systems (SCAS), part of the College of Global Futures (CGF), was established as a joint effort between ASU and Biomimicry 3.8 to facilitate biomimicry education and research activities. The center is aligned with the Global Futures Laboratory (GFL) vision of creating conditions for a thriving life on a healthy planet. It operates under the learning, discovery, and network core spaces of GFL, supporting CGF’s mission of driving informed, positive action as we work together to build a better future.

TBC offers a two-pronged approach that consolidates our Learning (Education) space — which supports our ‘arroyo’ model, and grows our solutions (Research) space — our evolved ‘seeds’ model. Learning from nature is core to the Center; even our strategy takes inspiration from nature—our metaphoric arroyo provides nourishment and rejuvenation to those who visit, while seeds carry new possibilities into neighboring ecosystems.

The arroyo offers two graduate-level programs online and an on-campus undergraduate certificate.

The Seeds is currently focused on Knowledge Symbiosis, exploring the intersection of biomimicry and Indigeneity,  Lab to Market, driving biomimetic innovations into the market, and smaller research projects such as Biomimicry in Action, supporting undergraduate and graduate students in conducting real-world projects.