Biomimicry as a problem-solving method has gained significant traction in academia and research institutions, as evidenced by the activity in biomimetic and nature-inspired design within ASU and many other US and international universities. The Biomimicry Institute has facilitated knowledge transfer in this new field by developing a tool for public use called askNature. This library of solutions provides numerous examples of how mechanisms found in biological and ecological models can inform and improve human technology.  However, to achieve its full potential impact, these solutions must be adopted in practical applications, which generally means some form of commercialization. Translation of knowledge from the lab to the market (also known as technology transfer) is an important goal of our Center.

To this end, the Biomimicry Center is collaborating with Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute and external partners to launch a Venture Studio dedicated to nature-inspired innovation. The goal of this studio is to bring together resources and talent from across the ASU ecosystem and nationwide to create, curate, and develop startups that solve problems using Biomimicry methods. Beginning in Fall 2024, a cohort of participants will be invited to join the studio as we work toward validating and de-risking potential solutions for further development.