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Waste Watchers

Food waste reduction

Welcome to Waste Watchers!

Our website provides brief e-course style guidance that will help you reduce food waste through addressing five key areas targeted for easy and impactful improvements.

Each of these five pages will guide you through simple steps to take that will save you money, help the environment, and maybe even improve your health!

Recipes for expiring or about to spoil foods

Don’t trash it – use these recipes instead for delicious and nutritious waste-preventing ideas!

Shopping habits to avoid food waste generating traps

Go in with a plan, come out with what you need for healthy and low waste meals

Food storage organization techniques

Taking inventory is easier when you’re organized!

Understanding expiration dates and other labels

Don’t let date labels on foods overrule common sense – you’re better at telling if it’s spoiled!

Best freezer usage strategies

Don’t get freezer-burned: keep foods tasting delicious and fresh longer, on ice!

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