Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup

Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup

EV programs are garnering strong support from local governments, utilities, and federal-level entities in the form of new EV-directed policies and funding opportunities. In the summer of 2021, members of the SCN Solar & Energy Efficiency (SEE) Workgroup formed the Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup to facilitate and coordinate EV discussions and actions for SCN-engaged communities and stakeholders.

The EV Workgroup educates and supports Arizona cities in their adoption of EV goals and policy efforts; including support in increasing EV adoption strategies for the public and municipal fleets; increasing the EV charging installations practices and procedures; implementing EV Ready building codes; identifying strategies for EV Equity policies and principles; and developing education and outreach campaigns and strategies. The EV Workgroup supports cities, towns, counties, and tribal nations with established EV programs and those that are just starting to explore how to work EVs into their plans to reduce carbon emissions and improve local air quality as well. The EV Workgroup also collaborates on ideas, exchanges information, and is a central repository for documents, presentations, and research materials.

Workgroup purpose

The purpose of the EV Workgroup is to educate and support Arizona cities in their adoption of EV goals and policy efforts.

Workgroup meetings

The Electric Vehicle Workgroup meets quarterly on the second Tuesday of the month from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. via Zoom. See the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates and additional details.

All Arizona cities, towns, tribal communities, counties, state agencies, organizations, and nonprofit organizations involved in advancing and accelerating EV adoption, deployment of EV chargers and would like more information about EV programs are invited to attend.

Electric Vehicle Workgroup chairs

Karen Apple

EV Program Manager,

City of Phoenix

Danae Presler

Climate Analyst,

City of Flagstaff

Information and Resources

Department of Energy Electric Vehicle Station Locations

Costs Associated with Non-Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (2015) by U.S. Department of Energy

Electric Vehicle Site Selection Prezi by Drive Electric MN

Department of Energy Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projection Tool (EVI-Pro) Lite

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