GCSO members include universities, research institutes and corporate sponsors who are interested in co-developing and testing potential solutions to urgent sustainability problems.

Urgent challenges

There is a growing urgency to develop and apply solutions to sustainability problems. Globally recognized challenges to sustainability are growing faster than their solutions are being developed, tested, implemented and, ultimately, brought to scale.

Universities and research institutes can play a unique role in addressing these challenges. These institutions have the research, development, innovation and capacity-building talent to develop timely, affordable and scalable solutions that could result in desirable sustainability outcomes.

Working together, our member institutions will deliver solutions that overcome the pace at which sustainability challenges are jeopardizing human well-being and the ecosystems on which the world depends.

Sustainable solutions

The Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes is a global network that advances solutions to sustainability problems through research, development and capacity building. GCSO generates and tests a wide range of solutions including technologies, policies, economic incentives, social change and cultural practices.

GCSO includes diverse global partners who can transform ideas into action. The consortium builds capacity through education and transfers evidence-based solutions to implementers, with the goal to achieve sustainability outcomes on multiple continents.

GCSO’s success is measured by evidence-based, positive outcomes and impacts on sustainability issues worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

  • Develop and test sustainability solutions
  • Build capacity to implement solutions
  • Expand solutions globally
  • Exchange personnel
  • Collaborate to secure external funding

Members may join GCSO by invitation only and are confirmed via a formal, signed agreement. Members pay annual dues of $50,000 USD. One-hundred percent of membership dues are used to support member activities that lead to more sustainable outcomes. Members may also collaborate on proposals to secure external funding.

Each member institution appoints an official representative to GCSO’s Council of Governors, which oversees GCSO operations and decides how best to allocate pooled membership dues. Arizona State University is a dues-paying member of GCSO and provides staff and operational support to the consortium.

By joining GCSO, members will be joining a collaborative community of world leaders in sustainability science and action research. GCSO increases member visibility through association with leading institutions, improving member competitiveness for external funding, and provides opportunities for member research and solutions to create global impact. Membership also allows exclusive access to GCSO pooled membership dues.

Please contact your official GCSO university member representative for more information on how to be involved in a GCSO project through your member institution. A list of university representatives is available through the Members tab above.

At this time, GSCO membership is exclusive to universities, research institutions, and corporations. If you believe your institution would be a good fit for GCSO membership, please contact sustainability.outcomes@asu.edu.