Accelerating sustainability outcomes worldwide

Members of the Global Consortium for Sustainability Outcomes are working around the globe to implement and scale solutions that address critical sustainability challenges.

A grand challenge



Sustainability problems are growing faster than they are being resolved



Universities have the knowledge and human resources to develop and transfer solutions to implementers



Proven solutions should be scaled to have the greatest impact worldwide

Scaling solutions around the globe

Through a series of interviews with several of GCSO’s network of sustainability researchers and implementation agents, find out exactly what makes GCSO unique and effective. Learn about our consortium and our various projects from the perspectives of those who are engaged in on-the-ground solution building.

What we offer

External funding
& proposal support

Global connections



The mix of people in GCSO and the commitment to deliver sustainable outcomes is what makes GCSO different.

Nick O’Donnell, KCL


So DCU is actually a small institution in the grand scheme of all of the other partners that are within the GCSO. And, what we get back from it is this access and openness to ideas and to other ways, practices, policies, methodologies, all these other things that we can actually learn from, that we can take home and implement.

Samantha Fahy, DCU


What GCSO brings to the table is the fact that we are forced to now start looking outside [the university]. We actually need to go beyond the frontiers of the university and start tackling the real-world problems.

Alberto Mendoza, Tec de Monterrey