SDG 5 Training for Parliamentarians and Global Changemakers

No country has yet achieved full gender equality.

Join the movement to make a difference in your country.

For the first time in history — and her-story — we have a global development agenda for 2015-2030, agreed upon unanimously by all 193 UN member countries. Parliamentarians and citizens have a key role to play in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals that comprise that agenda. The Arizona State University Global Futures Laboratory is thrilled to partner with so many wonderful organizations in a collaborative SDG 17 multi-stakeholder initiative to promote SDG 5. We all win when we work together to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, for the benefit of everyone, everywhere. Join us!

CLICK HERE to see your country’s progress on legal gender equality.

ASU’s Global SDG 5 Notification Tool

The Global SDG 5 Notification Tool provides users insight into country-level progress on legal gender equality. Using data provided by the World Bank’s Women Business and the Law program and the UN SDGs, the tool highlights progress towards eliminating discriminatory laws in advance of a UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review. The Periodic Review is an important lever for change as it allows issues of legal discrimination to be raised at the highest levels thus putting pressure on Governments to act. To be included as a point of contact for advance notification of when your country is coming up for Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights Council, please fill out the form.

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