Program benefits

Project Cities for communities

  • Educates a workforce of new sustainability scholars and scientists
  • Generates fresh, research-supported ideas for municipal challenges
  • Lowers risk in exploring sustainability pathways
  • Provides additional student research capacity for project support
  • Energizes students for proposed project

Project Cities for students

  • Provides hands-on experience applying sustainability principles and practices
  • Exposes students to professional work environments
  • Allows students to navigate stakeholder engagement experience
  • Creates applicable work experience for future employment opportunities
  • Makes the classroom experience more engaging, and concepts easier to grasp

Project Cities for faculty

  • Forms relationships with stakeholders in the community
  • Facilitates collaboration with academic colleagues on transdisciplinary projects
  • Works on complex and challenging local issues with top-tier students
  • Forms multidisciplinary partnerships between academic programs
  • Directs media attention to courses and projects

Program outcomes

  • Builds capacity for city staff to tackle stalled projects
  • Develops viable solution options to complex, systemic challenges
  • Engages stakeholders, students and city staff in transformative exploratory partnerships
  • Generates semi-professional project summary reports detailing sustainability pathways and strategies
  • Proposes policy and infrastructure improvements and/or innovative solutions to “sticky” community challenges