Project Cities is a university-community partnership

Project Cities connects community partners facing sustainability challenges to faculty teaching courses at ASU to provide solutions developed by students through project-based learning

Project Cities connects higher education with local communities, creating a powerful combination of knowledge and know-how. ASU faculty and students in designated courses work directly with a local community partner on predetermined sustainability-related projects and challenges to propose innovative sustainability solutions that enable progress toward a better future.

Program goals

  • Produce research-backed solutions for communities
  • Prepare the next generation of sustainability leaders
  • Provide project-based teaching and learning experiences

Program outcomes

  • Develops viable solution options to complex, systemic challenges
  • Engages stakeholders, students and city staff in transformative exploratory partnerships
  • Generates semi-professional project summary reports detailing sustainability pathways and strategies

Program benefits


  • Fresh, research-backed solutions to complex challenges
  • Expert guidance while exploring new sustainability opportunities
  • Additional capacity through students to further projects
  • Access to an expansive network of sustainabilityscientists and scholars


  • Application of sustainability principles to real-world challenges
  • Exposure to professional work environments
  • Opportunity to meaningfully engage stakeholders
  • Experience that enhances future employment pathways


  • Engage with community partners invested in sustainability
  • Collaborate with colleagues on transdisciplinary projects
  • Increase student engagement through project-based learning
  • Media attention to courses and projects

Program affiliations

Sustainable Cities Network

Sustainable Cities Network is a vehicle for communities to share knowledge and coordinate efforts to understand and solve sustainability problems. The network fosters partnerships, identifies best practices, provides training and information and creates a bridge between ASU’s research and front-line challenges facing local communities.

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Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities – Network (EPIC-N)

EPIC-N is a nonprofit association of members all over the world. EPIC-N organization and member programs unite the human capital of universities with local governments and communities to improve the quality of life and social wealth for all involved.

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