Your contribution helps us develop innovative ideas and solutions to the many challenges of current food systems.

Your gift supports a broad range of activities at the Swette Center and empowers the work of 60+ faculty members along with staff and students, all of whom are engaged in food-related work dedicated to achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Educating a new generation of leaders

The food and agriculture sector is changing in exciting ways, creating demand for graduates who understand the complex interconnections between food, natural resources, policy, economic opportunity, and social equity. We offer a BS in Sustainable Food Systems, a graduate certificate in Food Policy, and an MS in Sustainable Food Systems. Because too many young people leave universities overburdened by debt, we strive to provide students scholarships that defray the costs of their education – your gift contributes to this effort.

Engaging in game-changing research

From research on organic agriculture, to true cost accounting, farm-driven cuisine, food waste, global food security, and more, the Center is engaged in research and policy analysis that is solutions- and impact-oriented. Your gift helps provide seed funding that allows faculty to pursue a broad range of inquiries meaningful to sustainable food system transformation.

Driving tipping-point conversations

Exposing leaders to a range of innovations, from scientific breakthroughs to new technology, to data enriched policy insights, the Center engages decision makers in important conversations that drive public and private sector agenda and build consensus for stronger and more sustainable food systems.

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for Sustainable Food Systems

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