Towards a 20GT Negative CO2 Emissions Industry

September 19, 2019


Prof. Klaus LacknerĀ , Director Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, Professor Schools of Engineering, Arizona State University


Giana Amado, Co-Founder Carbon 180

Bruno Sarda, President CDP North American

Noorie Rajvanshi, Staff Scientist Siemens


It is imperative to capture 20 GT of carbon from the air in the next 20 years, and that will require contributions from all sectors including agriculture, industrial processes and direct air capture.

What is the scorecard in each sector and how does each trajectory look? What are the drivers, and how can the pace of innovation and commercialization of new solutions be accelerated to scale rapidly enough to get to 20 GT in time?

This webinar, hosted by LightWorks at Arizona State University examines policy, price signals, incentives and other drivers. We will address gaps in the innovation pipeline, including what is needed to create new markets for carbon.

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Towards a 20 GT Negative CO2 Emissions Industry