LightWorks® Innovation Accelerator

Multidisciplinary effort to leverage ASU’s unique strengths in areas of: Solar electric, sustainable fuels and products, energy and society, food systems energy and water nexus.

Innovation Accelerator solutions

Design thinking and innovation

The LightWorks® Innovation Accelerator aligns the value propositions of companies with reliable experts, tools and frameworks that meet their research and development needs. Few challenges are more fundamental to our society than ensuring the sustainability of current and future generations. As a result, we have developed a model which addresses some of the challenges of creating offers that companies may be willing to co-fund with ASU either directly or in partnership with others.

Building a pipeline

The Accelerator is a hybrid model which links ‘user needs’ to faculty ‘ideas and insights,’ thus improving the scale and impact on sustainability and energy challenges. We use traditional customer engagement but our differentiation is our ability to conceptualize the need, be imaginative in our engagement and deliver a linked solution relevant to the original challenge.

Impact through development to scale

The Accelerator reduces ASU faculty time required to ‘chase’ these non-traditional research projects by at least 25%. Our Accelerator research partners also benefit from a strong relationship based on links to their outcomes. Our objective is to improve the quality of interactions so that our customers feel that they must talk with ASU. Importantly, our objective is to eventually connect each customer to several relevant research themes inside ASU.

Microbial communities

Algae, biomass and wastewater research

Restoring the carbon balance

CO2 technology, policy, and solutions

Clean energy transition

Military resiliency, innovation and training

LightSpeed Solutions

Recycling CO2 into sustainable fuels and products

What we do

Link digital humanities with science and tech

Leverage insights with research partners

Create collaborative communities

Data driven commercialization

Our mission

Our mission is to strategically integrate promising technology and ideas with seed funding, market assessments and economic analysis, thus constantly prioritizing ideas with real world application and a viable business model.

Featured webinars

How Companies and Municipalities are Using Digital Technologies to Meet Their Carbon Reduction Commitments

The second webinar in the ASU LightWorks® four-part series on “How Smart Systems Can Power Our Decarbonized Future” explores how to bring systems thinking into the design of programs to decarbonize industrial processes and municipal systems.

Watch the webinar

Better Food, Less Carbon in the New Digital Economy

An ASU webinar recording. Traditional agriculture provides a meaningful opportunity to impact greenhouse gases and biodiversity. The agriculture ecosystem comprises land use, crop production, livestock and fisheries, and the food supply chain. In this system lies meaningful, measurable, and sustainable regenerative applications that can greatly reduce the impact of agriculture on the planet.

Watch the webinar

Prove I Made a Low Carbon Choice – Can smart systems do this?

Join Microsoft, SingualityNET, ESGAnalytics.Ai and ASU global leaders in a frank and lively 90-minute discussion about the challenges and drivers underlying artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to trustworthy carbon choices. How can smart systems help lead society to a healthier planet and advance social wellbeing?

Watch the webinar

Innovation Accelerator personnel

William Brandt
Senior Global Futures Scientist, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory

Ellen Stechel
Co-Director, LightWorks®, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation

Travis Johnson
Associate Director, LightWorks®, Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation

Denise Rowe