Restoring the Carbon Balance – Webinar 4: Policies and Financing

June 8, 2017


Elisabeth Graffy, Professor, Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University


Janos Pasztor, Senior Fellow and Executive Director, Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative C2G2

Alice C. Hill, Research Fellow, the Hoover Institution

Katharine Hayhoe, Scientist and Associate Professor, Texas Tech University


Building on decades of work across the globe by the public and private sectors, has a shared global climate ethos — a sense of collective commitment and common purpose — reached a tipping point?

  • Are the Paris Agreement and the growing number of cities adopting carbon-based energy goals evidence of that? How durable are these actions?
  • Is a sense of common purpose sustainable without US federal government coordination and leadership? What roles do sub-national and municipal governments play?
  • How can business, security, religious, and civil society actors continue and even accelerate efforts to reduce emissions? Can they work together to avoid the worst climate impacts?
  • Is the global commitment to climate solutions shallow or deep?
  • How can moral, scientific and political imperatives find common ground?
  • Does the global climate ethos include extracting, storing and reusing carbon already in the atmosphere?
  • Where do opportunities for collaborative innovation exist?

Join Arizona State University and global governance, business, science, policy and faith leaders in a 90 minute webinar to explore the depth and breadth of a global climate ethos and the direction of plausible, innovative climate action emerging across sectors and among global societies.

This webinar will convene leaders in a public conversation that touches on these critical questions and that can inspire local conversations and ideas to advance cross-sectoral collaborations.

We’ll also share resources to support a climate ethos dialogue in your community.