Prove I Made a Low Carbon Choice – Can smart systems do this?

October 28, 2020


Andrew Maynard, Director of the ASU Risk Innovation Lab, and an Associate Dean in the College of Global Futures at Arizona State University


Ben Goertzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET

David Arconchik, Head of Open Source Machine Learning Strategy at Microsoft

Suchi Gopal, CEO of ESGAnalytics.Ai, professor at Boston University where she applies spatial analysis to environmental science, public health and business solutions


Misconceptions about what ML and artificial intelligence can and cannot do abound, eroding trust in the abilities they do possess. Developing and deploying the technology in a responsible manner requires an effort of equal proportion, which means one or even a handful of organizations working toward that end is not enough. A significant collaboration within and across academia, industry and government is required to meet the challenge and ultimately build trust among consumers and stakeholders that their best interests are truly at heart and low carbon consumer decisions are truly low carbon.

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