How Companies and Municipalities are Using Digital Technologies to Meet Their Carbon Reduction Commitments

June 25, 2020


Gary Dirks, Senior Director Global Futures Laboratory and LightWorks, Arizona State University


Martin Powell, Chief Sustainability Officer, Siemens USA

Jim Goudreau, Head of Climate, Novartis Business Services

Noorie Rajvanshi, Sustainability Scientist, Siemens Corporate Technology


The second webinar in the series explores how to bring systems thinking into the design of programs to decarbonize industrial processes and systems. The discussion will demonstrate how to look at a company from end to end and go beyond incrementalism to scale solutions that can make a climate difference. Several case examples from Siemens’ industrial and municipal customer base and from Novartis will demonstrate the approaches to use smart systems to advance decarbonization commitments in operations and supply chains and address the role of carbon credits in that commitment.