Decarbonize with Big Data – Why Should I Give You My Data, and What do I Get?

October 21, 2020


William Brandt, Director of Strategic Integration, ASU LightWorks


Timothy Slaper, Research Director, IU Kelley School of Business’ Indiana Business Research Center

Shade Shutters, Research Scientist, School of Complex Adaptive Systems, College of Global Futures, ASU

Michael Simeone, Director for Data Science and Analytics for ASU Libraries

Pavan Turaga, Director, School of Arts, Media and Engineering, Director, Geometric Media Lab


Solutions to decarbonize are embedded in data. While data holds every individual accountable for their environmental impact, data also shows numerous ways to create more efficiency that lead to greener options. To address the difficulties of climate change and other complex societal issues, governments and corporations are proposing intelligent systems that use sensors and digital technology to collect data about corporate operations and individuals and their actions. This necessitates the collection and storage of enormous volumes of public and private data. Smart cities, smart agriculture, and other technology applications have sparked debate over privacy, ownership, and rights to utilize data, among other concerns. However, if we are to have egalitarian smart city systems and reliable carbon offsets, the mechanisms that contribute data must also protect it from misuse and negative consequences. The panel will discuss data, trust, security concerns, and various methods to make data sharing attractive to those who own the data and those who utilize it for smarter climate decisions.