Energy and society

About energy and society

The energy and society group of ASU LightWorks® aims to transition toward a sustainable energy future by employing social and humanistic sciences that address and promote policy and public engagement.

LightWorks® energy and society investigates thematic areas including energy law, policy and regulation, energy and humanities, energy economics and finance, socio-energy systems, energy and human development and energy efficient cultures.

Energy and society projects

The following projects are championed by LightWorks®-affiliated people and receive, or continue to receive, the support of LightWorks®.

Energy and the humanities

Humanities for the Environment North American Observatory 

Energy Ethics in Science and Engineering Education 

Energy efficient cultures

Energize Phoenix

Area leaders

Portrait of Clark Miller

Clark Miller

Associate Center Director and Professor

Global Futures Scientists and Scholars

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Kristin Mayes

Professor of Practice,

School for the Future of Innovation in Society, College of Global Futures