Our programs aim to ensure planetary and oceanic health, utilizing a variety of strategies to protect the world around us.


Dive into our programs, which aim to ensure planetary and oceanic health. From exploring the ocean floor to monitoring corals from the sky, we utilize a variety of strategies to protect the world around us.

Allen Coral Atlas

The Allen Coral Atlas maps the world’s coral reefs and monitors their threats to provide actionable data and a shared understanding of coastal ecosystems.

Global Airborne Observatory

The Global Airborne Observatory’s mission is to make scientific discoveries, support conservation and galvanize action to protect the environment at large geographic scales.

Carbon Mapper

Carbon Mapper locates, quantifies and tracks methane and CO2 point-source emissions from air and space.

ʻĀkoʻakoʻa Program

The ʻĀkoʻakoʻa Reef Restoration Program fuses cultural leadership, multi-modal education, advanced science, and government engagement for communities of people and coral in Hawaiʻi.

Hawai’i Monitoring and Reporting Collaborative

Convenes, collaborates and communicates with scientists and stakeholders involved in marine resource management to facilitate consensus-building and collaboration for common outcomes.

The Mega Lab

Through data science, remote sensing and molecular analysis, surfers, skaters and artists create solutions to protect our oceans.