Mongabay News

We are the world’s leading conservation and environmental news service.

Mongabay News has established global readership including officials in overseas development aid agencies, government ministries that manage natural resources, top conservation scientists, business leaders, civil society and activist groups, and many others. Mongabay directly reaches more than three million people per month and extends its reach via syndication and republishing relationships with dozens of outlets across English, Spanish, and Indonesian media.

A visionary partnership

In partnership with Mongabay, Mongabay News Lab will integrate the large-scale scientific research, mapping and assessment capabilities of GDCS with the investigative and communication capabilities of Mongabay to generate actionable conservation outcomes through greater transparency and accountability.

The unparalleled detail of ecological information, produced with GDCS’s innovative suite of technological tools has presented communicators and decision-makers with an unprecedented opportunity to synthesize, interpret, and respond to complex environmental challenges.

While the capacity to detect and monitor the status of species and ecosystem keeps progressing; few decision-makers know about these advances, and even fewer have applied this type of information into their policies, practices, and planning.

A long-term partnership leverages and combines the unique strengths of each organization to inform decision-making, evaluate the effectiveness of conservation strategies and interventions, and engage and inspire the public to protect the planet’s oceans, wild lands, and wildlife.

A news lab structure

The Mongabay News Lab is positioned as a key point of convergence for people with technological, scientific, and journalistic skills. A news lab structure offers a flexible project-oriented approach designed to encourage a collaborative exchange of ideas among a diverse team of journalists, scientific researchers, artists, and developers. Combining the skills of these two complementary teams has the highest potential to uncover actionable information and generate decision-support products with relevance for a diverse set of communities.