The Conservation Intervention Cost Data Portal is a tool hosted by the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes, which provides resources to help scientists and practitioners identify and report on conservation intervention cost data and enable cost-effective conservation practice.

Why track and report the cost of conservation interventions?

Understanding the economic costs of conservation is necessary for conservation decision support and to achieve the greatest conservation outcomes in a funding limited world. However, considering how to collect data to estimate these costs is often an afterthought. There has been a recent push to develop tools to improve how conservation scientists and practitioners collect and use conservation cost data to enable best-practice conservation decision support methods such as prioritization or return on investment analyses. Yet, there is much work that remains to be done in implementing these ideas in practice. This portal aims to summarize cutting-edge tools and theory related to collection and reporting on the costs of conservation interventions and to provide a centralized repository of materials that can be used to help track and report the costs of conservation interventions.

Goals of this portal

  • Provide guidance on how to track and report costs of conservation interventions.
  • Compile and summarize literature that reports on the costs of conservation interventions.
  • Summarize existing intervention cost datasets.