About the artist

Alma Teibecirevic

Alma Telibecirevic’s sound of belonging is the spectacle of tens of thousands of cranes descending upon southern Arizona, gracing the land and sky with their presence (3:02). 

Alma Telibecirevic has the pivotal role of Business Development and Events Manager at the Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Supply Chain – Africa (CARISCA) at Arizona State University. She is also an artist and owner of AlmaT’s Artist Shop. 

Audio transcript

Growing up in the middle of the chaos of war and the bustling streets of the city, my city, Sarajevo, my sense of belonging was intertwined with the cacophony of everyday life. The symphony of car engines, the thunderous roar of shells, and the rhythmic hum of public transport formed the backdrop of my childhood. These sounds, in their own strange way, whispered to me of home, a place that defined my origins and set the course for my life’s journey. As the years unfolded and my adventures took me far and wide, the concept of belonging underwent a profound transformation. Planet Earth itself became my home, a sanctuary encompassing every corner of its vast expanse. No longer confined to a specific geographical area, my sense of belonging expanded to embrace the entire globe. But it was to certain sounds that I discovered a deep connection and a renewed sense of home wherever I ventured. Nature’s melodies became the anthem of my belonging. The chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, and the harmonious symphony of the animal kingdom. Particularly, the melodic sounds of birds held a special place in my heart. In the last six years, Arizona has become my dwelling place, and it’s here that I’ve found comfort in the sounds of nature, the vibrant calls of the gila woodpecker, the playful tunes of mockingbirds, and the resounding ensemble of the majestic migration of sandhill cranes have become the distinctive notes of my Arizona home. Every November, a spectacle unfolds as tens of thousands of cranes descend upon southern Arizona, gracing the land and sky with their presence. The collective voices of these majestic birds, both soaring above and grounded below, resonate through the air. It is in this symphony of avian harmony that I feel most alive, as if the very essence of my being resonates with the pulsating rhythm of their wings. This captivating encounter steers in me a profound understanding that my true dwelling exceeds any particular geographical boundary and instead resides within the infinite embrace of our shared planet.