Ominous storm clouds hover over an early evening desert landscape with patches of sunlight in the foreground and lightning striking a mountain range in the distance

Taína Diaz-Reyes

Taína Diaz-Reyes’ sound of belonging is the thunderous symphony of a monsoon in the Sonoran Desert. (7:55)

A kitchen scene - eggs frying in a black pan with an open egg carton and charcuterie board with sliced meat and cheese to the left and a person sitting on the counter mostly out of frame

Carmen Lucich

Carmen Lucich’s sound of belonging is the familiar bustle of cooking and conversation in the community kitchen at Heron Shadow Farm in Graton, California. (2:06)

A great horned owl looks directly at the camera, perched on a tree stump with an out of focus green forest in the background

Melissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson’s sound of belonging is the chorus of great horned owls in northern California. (3:04)

A cicada perches on a dark brown tree branch surrounded by vibrant green leaves in the foreground and background

Eddie Madril

Eddie’s sound of belonging is the chirp of cicadas during the summer in Arizona. (6:49)

Alma Telibecirevic

Alma Telibecirevic’s sound of belonging is the spectacle of tens of thousands of cranes descending upon southern Arizona, gracing the land and sky with their presence.(3:02)