A collection of audio stories

Combining soundscapes and storytelling from individuals in Indigenous communities and others around the world.

Each recorded piece is based on the sharing of sounds from a place that is a source of great affection and belonging. Perhaps this is by a river or in a forest or in a busy city. Maybe it’s near a childhood home, the desert or a snow-covered field. These or other worlds are meant to bring the listener closer to that place of meaning. 

Each story includes two elements: recording the soundscape of a beloved location and recording the narration of why this place creates a sense of belonging for the contributor. Prospective storytellers can find here additional information about the recording process.

It is the intent of this project to gather these stories to open up the world of sound and insight from disparate locations, with the belief that if each of us can listen to our world—and to each other—we can increase empathy and understanding. If we can come to understand why a particular place is so important to someone who resides there, who pauses to listen and be there, we can better comprehend each other, the issues that touch us and the communities that define us. 

Sounds of Belonging is a partnership