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The Global KAITEKI Center

A university-industry partnership between the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation at Arizona State University and the KAITEKI Institute (of Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation)

KAITEKI (快適): the sustainable wellbeing of people, society and earth

Sustainable enterprise

Creative innovation in chemicals, materials, processes, devices, and systems for KAITEKI

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The health and well-being of humans are primary targets for The Global KAITEKI Center. The diversity and depth of academic resources at ASU units offer a phenomenal opportunity to tackle some of the most pressing and persistent obstacles in establishing KAITEKI.

Research Projects

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Research addresses the social value of innovations in technology and business models; design and operation of resilient, comfortable, safe and “smart” cities; and the design and operation of sustainable infrastructures.

Research projects

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Human activities have led to unsustainable imbalances on planet Earth and demand immediate attention. KAITEKI targets include carbon-neutral/negative manufacturing and interplay of techno- and eco-systems.

Research projects


Participate in research projects

All members of the ASU community are encouraged to participate in various research and educational activities of The Global KAITEKI Center. To explore existing or potential opportunities, contact Professor George Basile, the Associate Director of the Center, or the corresponding principal investigator of the six research programs.