Certificate opportunities

Certificate in Environmental Humanities

The departments of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Interdisciplinary Humanities and Communication in the School of Letters and Sciences offer a Certificate in Environmental Humanities. Students gain theoretical and practical knowledge to guide meaningful social and environmental change, make informed decisions on sustainable personal lifestyles and create ecologically responsible public policy.

Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems

The School of Sustainability offers a 15-credit interdisciplinary certificate in food system sustainability—a comprehensive, sustainability-oriented introduction to food systems for undergraduate students. The certificate, which complements a variety of majors from Agribusiness to English, draws from food-related courses in the social sciences, humanities, life sciences and applied sciences. Each discipline approaches food sustainability from a different angle, giving students a holistic understanding of food-related challenges and solutions.

UNESCO BRIDGES Humanities Labs

Fall 2024

Planetizing Citizenship: taught by Joni Adamson and Iveta Silova.

Fall 2024

Migration, Art, Place: US/Germany taught by Claudia Sadowski-Smith and Christiane Reves.

Past UNESCO BRIDGES Humanities Labs

Spring 2023

Inaugural Lab: Gendering Peace and Security taught by Miki Kittilson, Mohadeseh Mousazadeh Miandehi and Mimmo Bonanni.

Fall 2023

Energy, Justice, Action taught by Joni Adamson, Gary Dirks and Shannon Plummer.

Fall 2023

Mediating Ocean Futures: Collaborating with The Humanities for the Environment (HFE) Asia Pacific Observatory taught by Lisa Han and Clifford Kapono.