Project overview

Behavioral Plasticity Research Institute is an interdisciplinary and cross-organizational virtual institute funded by the National Science Foundation and led by the Baylor College of Medicine.

It uses locust phase polyphenism as a model system to revolutionize the investigation of phenotypic plasticity. The research connects suborganismal processes to the organism and its environment to address complex issues like outbreaks, collective movement and mass migration. The ASU team is leading efforts to compare and contrast nutrient regulation in the six Schistocerca species and integrate ecological factors into the study of phenotypic plasticity.

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GLI Lab team

Portrait of Arianne Cease

Arianne Cease

Associate Professor

School of Sustainability

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Portrait of Rick Overson

Rick Overson

Research Scientist

Global Locust Initiative

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Portrait of Jon Harrison

Jon Harrison


School of Life Sciences

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Portrait of Andrea Wullenweber

Andrea Wullenweber

Project Manager Research

Operations Project Management

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Portrait of Mira Ries

Mira Ries

Project Coord Research

Global Locust Initiative

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Geoffrey Osgood

Research Specialist,

Global Locust Initiative, School of Sustainability/School of Life Sciences

Portrait of Mehreen Tahir

Mehreen Tahir

Grad Research Assistant

ESSA Scholars

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Douglas Lawton

Postdoctoral Researcher,

North Carolina State University