The Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity at Arizona State University was created as an interdisciplinary research center spanning the life, behavioral and social sciences to build scientific and educational capacity in Arizona in a dominant research area of the 21st century: complexity science.

Since its founding in 2006, the CSDC has produced global impacts in this new and rapidly expanding domain of knowledge. The CSDC supports transdisciplinary research required for future discoveries in complexity science with the intellectual breadth to determine the algorithms of social dynamics across diverse contexts, ranging from genomes to entire organisms, and from individuals to cultures.

Through the Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, ASU is leveraging its uniquely diverse expertise in biosocial complexity, and its institutional commitment to intellectual fusion, to become a leader in this important area and to shape the scientific community’s philosophical and methodological approaches to social complexity.

The CSDC has proven its leadership capacity for developing innovative frameworks for research and education at ASU as well as its impact on current and emerging trends in international science.

Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity

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