LUCI is intended as a shared-user facility for our faculty affiliates and their students.

Any affiliate wishing to use or borrow equipment may do so, subject fo a few specific rules. First, become a registered user of the lab by visiting our UCRC Program Coordinator. You will read and sign a user agreement that describes all rules of the lab. You will then receive a lab access code. Prior to removing any equipment or sensors from the lab please fill in this check out FORM. When you return the equipment, please fill in this return form.

Sensors and equipment available for faculty affiliates

  1. Weather stations (T, RH, Wind, Rain, Solar)
  2. Traverse instrument packages (data logging T, RH, GPS)
  3. Thermal comfort instruments (heat index, WBGT, etc)
  4. Indoor sensors (T, RH, occupancy, CO2)
  5. Air quality sensors/loggers (O3, VOCs, Formaldehyde, Particulates, etc)
  6. Thermal cameras
  7. Miscellaneous sensors and fabrication facilities (thermocouples, heat flux sensors, soil moisture, etc)
  8. NIST-traceable sensors for calibration and testing

For a complete itemized list please see: LUCI inventory