Carbon Offsets Pilot program

Sustainable Cities Network case studies

The Sustainable Cities Network creates case studies in collaboration with our network participants in order to highlight innovative sustainability programs, so that other communities and organizations may replicate or emulate similar programs.

Arizona State University

University Sustainability Practices

In 2017, the University Sustainability Practices (USP) office at Arizona State University (ASU) piloted a new urban forestry program to explore the viability of generating carbon offsets through local tree planting projects. The Urban Forestry protocol brings together municipalities and academic institutions in order to capitalize on these overlapping and shared priorities; the entities work together to plant the trees and participate in a peer review process to decrease the prohibitively high verification & validation costs.

The pilot implementation included three major components:

  1. Improving urban tree canopy by planting 350 trees through partnerships with municipalities and volunteer events
  2. Catalyzing a local carbon offsets industry by hosting technical trainings and mobilizing municipalities
  3. Educating youth by developing and piloting curriculum around urban forestry and carbon cycle