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flooded town

The Thousand-Year Flood

Voices from the Future | Ronnie Scott The Thousand-Year Flood The Event: The 2016 West Virginia flood— considered a 1,000-year natural event with a 0.1 percent probability of happening in

hurricane winds

When Irma Knocked

Voices From the Future | Tom and Lynda Ciano When Irma Knocked The Event:A tropical wave was born somewhere over west Africa on August 26, 2017. In the coming days,

helicopter over a wildfire

The Survivalist

Voices from the Future | Peter Bigfoot Busnack The Survivalist The Event: On June 8, 2019, a wildfire erupted a few miles northwest of Superior, Arizona. It came to be


The Rancher and the Wallow Fire

Voices from the Future | Wink Crigler The Rancher and the Wallow Fire The Event: On May 29, 2011, two men left a campfire unattended in the Bear Wallow Wilderness


The Australian Bushfires

Voices from the Future | Carol Duncan The Australian Bushfires The Event: Close to 200 bushfires ignited in Australia in early October 2019. They torched nearly 15 million acres of


The Escape

Voices from the Future | Rezza Aji Pratama The Escape  The Event: On December 31, 2019, torrential rains pounded a swath of Jakarta. More than 400,000 people fled their homes,

dog on pedastal in a flood

The Chennai Floods

Voices from the Future | Anjali Ponni Rajkumar The Chennai Floods  The Event: In 2015, the winter monsoon season brought torrential rains to Chennai, in southern India. Unprecedented floods followed,


The Flood

Voices from the Future | Reija Nykvist The Flood The Event: In early March 2019, a tropical disturbance was building over the Indian Ocean, close to the southeast coast of