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hurricane winds

The Island

Voices from the Future | Glorynel Ojeda Matos The Island The Event: Maria began as a tropical wave. But by September 16, 2017, she had gathered steam, swirling into a


In the Eye of the Hurricane

Voices from the Future | Dave Mackey In the Eye of the Hurricane The Event: Hurricane Dorian slammed into Grand Bahama Island on September 1, 2019, with 200 mph winds.


The Dallas Tornado

Voices from the Future | Colin Hatzman The Dallas Tornado The Event: In late October 2019, a series of tornados — 10 all together — hit the city of Dallas,

large wildfire

The Furious Fire

Voices from the Future | KerryAnn Laufer The Furious Fire The Event: The Kincade Fire sparked in late October 2019. It spread from a power plant area in northern Sonoma

flooded town

The Thousand-Year Flood

Voices from the Future | Ronnie Scott The Thousand-Year Flood The Event: The 2016 West Virginia flood— considered a 1,000-year natural event with a 0.1 percent probability of happening in

hurricane winds

When Irma Knocked

Voices From the Future | Tom and Lynda Ciano When Irma Knocked The Event:A tropical wave was born somewhere over west Africa on August 26, 2017. In the coming days,

helicopter over a wildfire

The Survivalist

Voices from the Future | Peter Bigfoot Busnack The Survivalist The Event: On June 8, 2019, a wildfire erupted a few miles northwest of Superior, Arizona. It came to be


The Rancher and the Wallow Fire

Voices from the Future | Wink Crigler The Rancher and the Wallow Fire The Event: On May 29, 2011, two men left a campfire unattended in the Bear Wallow Wilderness


The Flooding of Venice

Voices from the Future | Pierpaolo Campostrini The Flooding of Venice  The Event: Tidal waves from the Adriatic Sea peaked as high as 6 feet and flooded the city of


The Australian Bushfires

Voices from the Future | Carol Duncan The Australian Bushfires The Event: Close to 200 bushfires ignited in Australia in early October 2019. They torched nearly 15 million acres of