– Economic Fragility


The Dry Land

Voices from the Future | Sylvia Watchman The Dry Land The Event: Since 2017, extreme draught has ravaged Canyon de Chelly, on the Navajo Nation in Northeastern Arizona. In normal

flooded town

The Solution

Voices from the Future | Matt Russell The Solution The Event: When weather patterns change from one extreme to another, such as during the 2012-2013 droughts and the 2019 spring

dog on pedastal in a flood

The 100-Year Flood

Voices from the Future | Henry Red Cloud The 100-Year Flood The Event: In March 2019, overflowing creeks and raging riverbeds flooded the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Caused


The Dallas Tornado

Voices from the Future | Colin Hatzman The Dallas Tornado The Event: In late October 2019, a series of tornados — 10 all together — hit the city of Dallas,

large wildfire

The Furious Fire

Voices from the Future | KerryAnn Laufer The Furious Fire The Event: The Kincade Fire sparked in late October 2019. It spread from a power plant area in northern Sonoma


The Flooding of Venice

Voices from the Future | Pierpaolo Campostrini The Flooding of Venice  The Event: Tidal waves from the Adriatic Sea peaked as high as 6 feet and flooded the city of


International Impact

Voices from the future | Jake Curtis International Impact  The Event: In 2004, a sudden and powerful earthquake rocked the Earth beneath the Indian Ocean. The 9.1 magnitude temblor triggered


The Flood

Voices from the Future | Reija Nykvist The Flood The Event: In early March 2019, a tropical disturbance was building over the Indian Ocean, close to the southeast coast of

dog on pedastal in a flood

A Devastating Storm

Voices from the Future | Ntombi Makuyana A Devastating Storm The Event: Tropical storm Idai struck the southeastern Chimanimani and Chipinge districts of Zimbabwe on March 14, 2019. The torrential rains