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Swallowed by Water

Voices from the Future | Larry Baimbridge Swallowed by Water The Event: In 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, with sustained 130 mph winds, torrential rains and flooding. Thirty percent

hurricane and space

The Hurricane Florence

Voices from the Future | Kolby Skidmore The Hurricane Florence The Event: Hurricane Matthew was considered a 500-year flood, which means it had a 0.2% chance of happening in any

hurricane winds

The Island

Voices from the Future | Glorynel Ojeda Matos The Island The Event: Maria began as a tropical wave. But by September 16, 2017, she had gathered steam, swirling into a


In the Eye of the Hurricane

Voices from the Future | Dave Mackey In the Eye of the Hurricane The Event: Hurricane Dorian slammed into Grand Bahama Island on September 1, 2019, with 200 mph winds.

hurricane winds

When Irma Knocked

Voices From the Future | Tom and Lynda Ciano When Irma Knocked The Event:A tropical wave was born somewhere over west Africa on August 26, 2017. In the coming days,