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We Need Complexity Economics
for a Global Future

Joffa Applegate

  • Assistant Research Professor, Biosocial Complexity Initiative, ASU

Complex Adaptive Systems Science emerged four decades ago based on the recognition that complex systems in vastly different domains shared fundamental properties. This insight has triggered a productive research endeavor that is now at the core of all Global Futures related challenges

This talk, hosted by the new School of Complex Adaptive Systems in the new College of Global Futures, features Joffa M. Applegate—member of ASU's Complex Systems Research Group, Policy Informatics at the Decision Theater, and the Global Climate Forum.

Applegate's talk will explore complexity economics—a catch-all phrase for recent advances in heterodox economics—and how the developing ASU vision of CE is vital for understanding global futures.

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Friday, February 26, 2021
11 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.