Weaving relations: Immersive, interdisciplinary, identity-based team science experiences

Co-producing research in a transformative and respectful way is a key component of ESSA scholarship. Team science and collaboration skills vital for the transdisciplinary science of tomorrow can be developed through involvement in our Weaving Relations program. This is a paid summer experience that focuses on building cohorts of scholars that respect and appreciate diverse ways of knowing and seek solutions to overcome 

What are IIITSEs?

A new program through Earth Systems Science for the Anthropocene (ESSA) at Arizona State University supports cohorts of Indigenous and Latinx-identifying graduate students on team science experiences that center diverse knowledge systems and solutions-oriented goals using just and equitable research approaches. Funding for the Weaving Relations: IIITSEs is provided through the National Science Foundation’s Racial Equity in STEM program. Indigenous and/or Latine identifying scholars (current or future graduate students) are highly encouraged to apply.

Watch our recorded webinar on the summer IIITSEs here:

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IIITSE 2023 program requirements?

Join the IIITSE program:

  • Enroll in the session B short course starting the week of March 13th (1 credit, tuition waived)
  • Join the student cohort for a 10-week summer session (paid graduate-stipend at 20 hours per week). 
  • 1 to 2 weeks of the summer session may include a required field trip (Nelson’s NorCal 2023 IIITSE: July 2nd  to July 17th including travel dates. Lodging provided.)
  • To apply, you must identify as Indigenous or Latine. As this is a racial equity award focused on these identities, we will prioritize selecting Indigenous and Latine-identifying scholars. Please reach out to us directly with questions. 
  • You must be a currently enrolled graduate student or admitted to a graduate program beginning in 2023. You do not have to be an Arizona State University graduate student to apply. However, the program doesn’t provide ASU housing or lodging. 
  • Please let your major advisor know about your intent to apply and be funded by IIITSE scholarship. 
  • Other opportunities for Research Experiences for Undergraduate scholars exist, contact essa@asu.edu!

Application materials will be available in spring 2023 but please contact us if you’re a scholar (faculty or student) interested in upcoming cohorts through 2026.